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Only in our store, heat pumps from the largest international company NIBE

by Администратор Главный
NIBE Industrier is the largest international company producing equipment for renewable energy sources. NIBE does not manufacture equipment using limited fossil gas, oil or coal.
NIBE employs over 8,000 people. Business operations are conducted in Europe, North America and Asia. Until recently, there was no serious demand for renewable energy in Russia. Today NIBE offers the most modern and popular equipment in Europe.
In the production of NIBE uses only the best components. For example, in heat pumps of different capacities, compressors from different manufacturers are used - Bristol (USA), Copeland (USA), Mitsubishi (Japan) ... When a new compressor with the best characteristics appears in the world, NIBE starts installing it.
NIBE owns the most modern technology and production. Geographically closest enterprises to Moldova are those belonging to NIBE - Czech Drazice (www.dzd.cz/ru/), Polish Biawar (http://www.biawar.com.pl). The products of these brands are well known and popular in Moldova.