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HEAT PUMPS THAT SIMPLIFY LIFE NIBE S2125 is an intelligent inverter controlled air / water heat pump. With NIBE indoor modules, it forms a highly efficient climate system for your home. The heat pump provides optimized savings because it automatically adapts to the home's power needs. NIBE S2125 has an optimized annual heating factor, which provides a low operating cost...

Only in our store, heat pumps from the largest international company NIBE

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NIBE Industrier is the largest international company producing equipment for renewable energy sources. NIBE does not manufacture equipment using limited fossil gas, oil or coal. NIBE employs over 8,000 people. Business operations are conducted in Europe, North America and Asia. Until recently, there was no serious demand for renewable energy in Russia. Today NIBE offers...

Displays on heat pumps NIBE, convenient and practical!

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Only in our store! KOMFOVENT creates innovative ventilation equipment with heat recovery and reliable fire and smoke protection systems that provide comfort and safety in various fields of application.​​

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KOMFOVENT products not only guarantee the comfort of people by supplying fresh air to the premises, but also help to ensure safety in case of fire - reliable fire and smoke dampers, chimneys and other components manufactured by the company. Investments in the latest technologies allow us to offer the market a wide range of products - equipment for large industrial...