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Copper pipes and fittings

Copper pipes and fittings in Chisinau

Often, after planning the main lines of water supply, heating and gas supply, copper pipes are used during installation. The choice of this material is due to the fact that water with chlorine in the pipes reacts with copper and does not destroy it. As a result, no reaction precipitates and residues remain on the inner walls of the pipes.

Also,a big plus of copper pipes in Moldova is the fact that they do not give into any negative reactions from ultraviolet rays, especially in areas with a long warm season. It is because plastic pipes cannot be used in hot countries, as they are deformed under the constant influence of high temperatures.

In the world, copper pipes in Chisinau are used of two types:

  • Burnt, which under the influence of heat treatment become elastic for easier installation
  • Unburnt, which are hard to alloy and under the influence of temperature do not change the property of the metal.

Our online store also sells high quality copper fittings in Moldova, without stops in delivery. Therefore, when you are going to buy, it is necessary to take into account the quality and reliability of the manufacturer.

To buy copper pipes in Chisinau in our online store is very simple. We must not forget that they are produced from copper oxidized by phosphorus, so that the anti-corrosion properties are maximized.

The price of copper pipes in Moldova is acceptable to our customers due to the loyalty system, but who understand all the positive characteristics of copper pipes and install them in their house without thinking about their durability.

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