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PPR pipes and fittings

Polypropylene pipes and fittings in Chisinau

Polypropylene pipes - these pipes are made from a magnificent thermoplastic polymer called polypropylene. At the moment it is the most popular material in the world for the production of pipes.

Polypropylene pipes in Moldova began to appear relatively recently, but many people already use them everywhere, because this type of pipe is used:

  • Hot and cold water supply systems;
  • In heating systems of any complexity and length;
  • In the arrangement of farms;
  • In the shipbuilding industry, due to low weight and durability.

Polypropylene pipes in Chisinau, are resistant to temperature extremes, complex installation work and large-scale projects, will justify your trust every day. However, to connect them together you need fittings.

Fittings - are important components for the installation of polypropylene pipes. Homogeneous fittings are designed for fastening pipes to each other by soldering. Thanks to it, a connection is created between the part of the pipe and the fitting, which is then impossible to disassemble. Combined is a type of reusable fittings that can be easily replaced and repaired.

It is possible to buy a fitting in Moldova for every taste from us at the favorable prices. If quality and speed of delivery is important to you, then do not waste time and feel free to come to us.

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